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A Writing Quest Guide: The 3 Act Story Structure

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Hello and welcome to this Writing Quest guide on using the 3 - Act Story Structure. In this guide you will learn the basics of the 3 Act Story Structure, how to use it and why it is so important to build an outline for your novel, before you begin writing. This guide is intended to help you be more organized, and more knowledgable, allowing you to write stronger stories, faster.


  • 38 pages detailing each of the 16 different parts of the 3 Act Story Structure
  • Links to videos, further discussing the different parts of 3 Act Story Structure

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The Writing Quest Guide to the 3 Act Story Structure

- 38 pages outlining the 3 Act Story Structure
- Links to videos explaining each part in greater detail
- 5 Writing Tips for each section of the story structure
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A Writing Quest Guide: The 3 Act Story Structure

3 ratings
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