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Storybook for Notion - Outlining tool for writers

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Do you feel like you have a great story to tell but just can't wrap your head around all of the details? Are other software applications too complicated, and do you need something simple to get you started and organized?

Storybook is a Notion template for writers! It is simple and easy to use while guiding you through the outlining process. It contains just enough features to make outlining easier without overwhelming you with features you don't need.

This Notion template is a simple and easy way to outline one book, multiple standalone novels, or an entire series! Walk through the entire process with this simple-to-use Notion template made by Writing Quest!


  • Full 3 Act structure outlining Template for Novels
  • Track multiple outlines
  • Multiple views for Synopsis writing, Outlining and Story Pacing

Two themes!

  • Original
  • Fantasy


  • When you purchase this template you'll receive our guide to writing using the 3 Act Story Structure for free!

"You'll also receive an exclusive video detailing how to use the template in Notion to outline your next bestseller!"

Also, for more videos on writing and storytelling, I want to invite you to join our community by subscribing to our YouTube channel! We post videos weekly on writing concepts and tips, tutorials for writing software, and updates about our own projects!

By purchasing this template you will also sign-up to my email list! :)

Please Note: Since Notion templates are shared by being duplicated to your workspace I operate a no-returns policy on my Notion templates - any concerns please email me before downloading. Any additional sales taxes for your country are added by Gumroad at checkout. :)

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You'll get,

- Storybook for Notion Template
- Storybook for Notion - Fantasy Theme
- Exclusive Video on using Storybook
- BONUS! our PDF Guide on writing with the 3 Act Structure!
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Storybook for Notion - Outlining tool for writers

6 ratings
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